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Clubclass Malta

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Quick facts:

  • A preparation year in the sun
  • Pathways to excellent universities
  • Affordable fees and an exceptional quality of life!

The Foundation Year programmes on offer at Clubclass Malta represent the best possible pre-university training. The affordable fees and warm climate make Malta the perfect destination for a preparation course.

Clubclass English Language School

Welcome to Clubclass English Language School Malta.
Clubclass is the only residential English language school in Malta where the school is situated WITHIN the same building as the Accommodation, In...

Prepare your entry to university under the maltese sun

Founded in January 1999, the Clubclass Language Schools are internationally recognised for their excellence. In 17 years, 25 000 students from 50 different countries have passed through the doors of this superb and unique school on the beautiful island of Malta. Clubclass is rescognised by the maltese ministry of education, and accredited by DELTOM, ALTO, and WYSE.

Clubclass is located in Swiequi, a residential neighbourhood a few minutes from the city center and the St Julians district, famous for its nightlife. The maltese capital, Valrtta, is only a few minutes away by bus, just like the beaches on the north of the island.

The school offers a residential feel : students are housed locally, allowing for an immersive campus atmosphere, that fosters academic progress and develops new friendships. The classrooms are air-conditioned and spacious, and WiFi is available everywhere in the school. Students also have access to a 24/7 internet café, a library and a study center. The school also boasts two swimming pools (indoor and outdoor), a gym with sauna and jacuzzi, but also a pub, a restaurant, a cafeteria, and a laundry room.

Courses and specialties: NCUK International Foundation Year Program

The Clubclass team do everything in their power so that each student gets the most out of their stay on an academic but also a personal level. The school dispenses demanding, high quality teaching, but in a laid back and friendly environment.

Le NCUK International Foundation Year Program is a university preparation programme. Designed jointly by 11 of the best british universities, it is known as one of the best preparation programmes around. The results speak for themselves : 70% of students of this programme have been accepted into Russel Group unviersities. Among them, 90% got into their first or second choice university.

The NCUK International Foundation Year program lasts 30 weeks. It prepares students to face their first year of study in a british university. To that end, they take acaademic english lessons, methodology lessons, and optional modules linked to their future studies.

Students aiming for a business, management, economics, or finance degree can opt for a specialised course : International Foundation Year Program Business Stream.

Vivre et étudier à Malte

In Malta, the sea, aquatic sports and cocktail bars cohabitate with 7000 year old temples and breathtaking baroque architecture. This mix between historical and tourist attraction make it the perfect setting for studying. Malta is quite expensive compared to London or other big cities in the U.K. There is a strong british culture, and everyone speaks english. The maltese are also well known for biegn warm and welcoming.

Clubclass Malta offer housing for all tastes and budgets : single or shared rooms, studios or entire flats, youth hostels and student houses, as well as host families. All these options are located in the school itself or in close proximity.


Taking a preparation course in Malta is a fantastic opportunity. Thanks to Clubclass you will benefit from the highest quality teaching in a dreamy, relaxed setting. For more information on the available programmes, costs or to sign up, get in touch with a Study Experience team member.

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