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Browns English School

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Quick facts:

  • English classes in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast
  • Other languages are not to be spoken within the school: English only!
  • Small classes and highly-qualified teachers

Browns is renowned for its intimate and family-like atmosphere. One of the most important rules in this school is that it is simply forbidden to speak another language than English when on campus. Sounds harsh? That is actually the best way to progress!

Welcome to BROWNS English Language School

Gold Coast Mayor, Tom Tate, welcomes you to BROWNS English Language School and to the city of Gold Coast.

A family feel

Created in 2003, Browns English Language School boasts two wonderful campuses, in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast, the subtropical region of Queensland. There’s a family atmosphere within these modern schools as they were founded by siblings: Richard et Niesha Brown. For years, Browns has been maintaining a satisfaction rate exceeding 99%. Every year, about 250 students from Europe, Asia, South America and the Middle East study on one of the two campuses.

Teaching methods at Browns are based on the European Framework of Reference for Languages (CECRL). Students receive personal attention from the staff. That is precisely how, throughout the years, Browns has managed to build a worldwide reputation, with a highly-efficient teaching system guaranteeing the progression of each student.


English Classes at Browns

Browns offers many types of programs including: general English classes, university entry preparation courses, and IELTS preparation courses. These three programs each cost between 365 and 385 AUD per week. The school applies a sliding fee scale.

General English classes

General English classes last between 1 and 71 weeks and are open to students of all levels. Students benefit from 25 contact hours per week during which they work on grammar, listening, reading, vocabulary, functional use of English, and pronunciation.

University entry preparation course

The English for Academic Purpose (EAP) program prepares International students to enter the Australian higher-education system. Students work on listening, reading, grammar and vocabulary, speaking and presentation skills, essay-writing, academic research, and the use of the web in English. The school emphasizes the development of analytical thinking. Students gain confidence in communicating and evolving within a professional or academic context. This program is made up of 25 weekly contact hours.

IELTS preparation course

Students receive individual attention and advice to approach their IELTS exam with confidence. Students regularly take mock exams and receive constructive criticism allowing them to identify their weaknesses. To register for this course, students must have at least an intermediate level of English. This program lasts between 1 and 20 weeks, and includes 25 contact hours each week.

Life and Study in Brisbane

Brisbane is a modern cultural and lively city with a warm climate. Locals are welcoming, and well-known for their relaxed lifestyle.

The Gold Coast is famous for its surfing spots, its subtropical forest, its great malls and its amazing nightlife.

Regardless of the destination they choose, Browns’ students usually stay with a local family. It is the best way to fully experience the Australian lifestyle while practicing English outside the classroom. Students benefit from their own furnished bedroom; breakfast and dinner are included during weekdays, and all three meals are served at the weekends. This type of accommodation costs 255 AUD per week.

Students can also choose to stay in a shared apartment. Rooms are often shared, but the residences include a swimming pool, a spa, a fitness center and barbecues. This accommodation option costs 240 AUD per week.

Taking English lessons at Browns is getting the best of both worlds. The quality of life in Brisbane and the Gold Coast is outstanding, and the courses are simply exceptional. For more information on these programs, contact a member of the Study Experience team.

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