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Live the Language: Chinese Lessons in Beijing

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Live the Language – Mandarin School is a school based in the capital, Beijing. But you will also have the opportunity to study chinese in the second largest city in the country, Shanghai, and in the old capital, Chendge. Beijing and Shanghai will let you discover chinese city life, whereas Chendge will open a rural and ancient culture to you, with historical sites of breathtaking beauty.

LTL Mandarin School Beijing Tour This video gives you a peek at LTL's location in Beijing's CBD, the complex in which we're based, our school facilities and our classrooms.

Original chinese programmes

This atypical school offers interesting programmes that allow students to make rapid progress in chinese. Like any school, immersion is one of the key components to learning quickly. Students are able to live with a host family, which is highly recommended as they will get to experience the culture and traditions.

Class sizes are small, with a maximum of 7 students, or dispensed individually, one on one with the teacher (one to one program). This option is particularly worth considering, because students will not only benefit from the full attention of a their teacher, but he will also take them into the city and put them in real-life chinese language situations : cafes, shopping, asking for directions…

As well as the 20-25 hours of weekly classes, students can take culture classes (10h per week) that deal with various topics : Tai Qi, chinese food, calligraphy, Kung Fu, and chinese music. It’s an oppoortunity to learn more about these ancestral traditions.

If you’re having trouble choosing between the three cities, there is a programme that allows students to study in all three, starting in Beijing, then Shanghai, and finally Chendge.

The school is very flexible and allows you to adapt your lessons depending on your own timetable.

An affordable way to experience China

The cost of study is extremely competitive. For example, 6 weeks of intensive study in all three cities will cost around €3200. The same is true for everyday spending : in China, a baguette is only a few cents.

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