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Chinese Lessons in Immersion

China is a disorienting country whose civilisation is both ancestral and ultra-modern. Very affordable compared to most countries, China is attracting more and more foreign students for the quality of the education and the reputation of its universities. Economic growth in this country and its importance on the international stage are undeniable. Its clear that the ability to speak chinese in today’s world is a distinct advantage in terms of employability. Do you want to take the plunge and learn chinese ? Here are your options :

General chinese lessons

General chinese lessons are for students of any ability who want to improve their mastery of the language. These lessons have several variations : intensive classes to maximize improvement in a small amount of time ; part time to be able to enjoy your new surroundings as much as possible. All classes are taught by certified teachers who are native chinese speakers. Whatever the programme, students benefit from personalized support and a regular academic following.

Most classes are in small groups, less than 10 students per class. It’s the ideal structure for beginners, and the best way to meet new people. In some cases, you can have one on one lessons with a teacher. It’s the most effective way to make the most progress in the shortest time.

If you want to master the basics of the language thanks to a flexible programme, then general chinese lessons are the option for you.

Summer school in China

Improve your chinese while taking advantage of a range of summer activities ! these programmes last one to two months on average and offer a combination of chinesse lessons and various activities. Students mostly work on reading, writing, as well as comprehension and speaking. Activities include tourist and cultural expeditions, history lessons, and workshops : writing and calligraphy ; chinese paper cutting ; and traditional cooking.

If you want to learn about chinese culture and experience the lifestyle while learning the language, this programme is for you !

Semestre of cultural immersion in China:

This programme is the perfet opportunity to discover contemporary China during the course of a fascinating semestre. Generally speaking, a semestre of study in China combines university classes on various themes depending on the preferences of the student – culture and society, politics, economics, business and marketing – with numerous activities and even the option to do an internship. Depending on the programme, academic classes are taught partially or entirely in english so that students can make the most progress in their chosen discipline. These classes are supplemented by rigorous chinese language training and numerous excursions to put these skills to the test. Students are well cared for : on top of the certified teachers, students have access to academic coordinators who can support them in their new environment. In these programmes, international students are considered to be just as much part of the university as any other students, and have access to all the infrastructure and services. This programme is mainly aimed at masters students or students reaching the end of their bachelor’s degree.

If you are passionate about China and want to learn new skills for your future career, this programme is for you !

For more information on immersive chinese lessons, get in touch with a Study Experience team member. We will be able to advisse you and support you in your journey.

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