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English language courses abroad

Tailored immersion language courses abroad

In addition to your higher education studies, Study Experience provides expertise to help you undertake a language course abroad. It is difficult to progress in the current job market without at least one foreign language. Your high school and university courses certainly provide you with a good basis, but it is impossible to really master a language without immersion in a country where it is spoken. To address this need, the number of language courses offered abroad is immense and the best choice is not obvious… which schools have a good reputation? Which type of course should you choose? How long does it take? What is the budget for this plan and how do you get best value for it? There are many real issues that you need to address, but don’t worry, Study Experience advisors are there to help you!

Premium services

A designated advisor will help you fine-tune your plans, find the ideal school, and assist you with all the initial preparations (financing, housing, insurance, visa…). Once you are enrolled, you will pay only the fee for the school you choose: we charge no extras; there are no hidden charges.

The Study Experience agency is accredited by the Quality English label, which rewards the best advisory bodies. To obtain (and keep) this accreditation, we need to demonstrate the ethical nature of our services, the quality of our advice, and the satisfaction of our customers. This accreditation protects you and serves as a guarantee for the quality of our services.

A network of quality language schools

Study Experience is associated with the best schools abroad: all of which are certified by the local authorities and recognised by the academic institutions.

They are selected for the quality of their courses, their official accreditation and the facilities and services they offer to students. The English courses they provide are of very high quality and enable you to quickly and significantly improve your fluency. Among other things, the courses are offered in small groups with native, graduate teachers. We prefer small independent schools, rather than large chains, and students are better taught in a secure welcoming environment.

Feel free to browse the list of our school associates and familiarise yourself with them – you will certainly find the school of your dreams!

For more information on our language courses abroad

To learn more about foreign language courses, contact us! We will quickly answer your questions and will be happy to assist you with your plans.

Whether you have a specific plan or are only beginning to plan, we can advise you and help you find the English courses that you need in the country that interests you!

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