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Study + Internship year in England

A year of ‘Study + Internship’ in the best city in the U.K

The well-being of students is at the heart of this insitution, and they assign a guidance counsellor and a professor to each student in order help them achiev their goals. BLC’s programme aims to boost the student’s confidence in english and to make friends from over 50 countries. Credited by the British Council for its teaching quality, BLC banks on high quality and modern equipment : a multimedia center, unlimited and free WiFi in the whole school. A successful gambit, as 99% of students would recommend the school.

The programme : 6 months of lessons + 3 months of internship

BLC and Study Experience have created a partnership together ; an exclusive proposition accredited by the British Council. In this nine month course (a school year), students study english for six months folowed by a three month internship. BLC have many partnerships with local businesses and can therefore offer internships in almost any industry.

The six months of lessons involve 30 hours a week. Students can also specialize in business english or specifically prepare for the IELTS. Term dates are flexible, allowing students to start whenever they choose. Students learn english in an immersive environment with quality teachers. On top of lessons, students also have access to BLC’s online learning platform to deepen their knowledge and continue to progress even after the programme has ended.

For the internships, BLC are committe to finding the best opportunnities for their students, depending on their CVand their professional ambitions. For the duration of the internship, BLC check in on how things are going to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible. At the end of the programme, students receive a certificate and a complete report on their time spent with their company. The programme costs £6000.

Other combinations of programmes are available, such as 5 months of lessons and 4 months of internship. For more information, get in touch with a Study Experience team member.


Living in Bristol

Bristol is famous for its numerous tourist attractions : the suspension bridge over Clifton, the Banksy street art, the hot air balloon festivals are just a few examples. Bristol is also famous for its bars and live music scene ; its a first choice destination for students less than an hour and a half from London by train.

During term time, BLC students can stay in one of two residences. They have shared rooms for £140/week, individual rooms for £170/week, or studio apartments for £295/week. The kitchens are brand new and fully equipped. Residents also have access to two living rooms with TVs, laundry rooms, Wi-Fi, a bike shed and a secure entrance. During the internship, students must live with a host family. This option costs £165/week for semi-catered or £135 for self-catered.


The Bristol Language Center is the perfect destination to combine a year of study with an internship before going to university. Not only are the programmes excellent, but the city of Bristol is simply irrestistible.

Got questions ? Get in touch with a Study Experience team member

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