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Returning to France: entry exams preparation

A gap year to help you succeed when you’re back in France?

Starting a Gap Year is often a great idea. It allows you to take a step back to help you consider the next chapter of your studies; or to improve your English before starting your higher education, both abroad and in France.

Many of you wish to take a Gap Year after passing the Baccalaureate, but there is a big question that sometimes leads to hesitation:

“Will I be able to return to the French system after a Gap Year abroad?”

Well, rest assured: the answer is YES.

We, at Study Experience, have even gone one further. We have teamed up with a French exam preparation organisation that will help prepare you for your return to France during your Gap Year.

Preparing for French exams during a gap year 

Study Experience offers all students seeking for an additional option allowing you to prepare for French entry exams during your gap year. Suitable for all our “Gap Year” programmes, whatever the destination, you can benefit from the support of remote experts to prepare you for these exams. A week of preparation is also planned in France during your school holidays.

To offer you the best preparation possible, Study Experience has partnered with the PGE-PGO institute.


PGE-PGO exam preparation

Created in 2004, PGE-PGO is the number 1 institute for exam preparation for business schools, engineers and IEP exams, as results obtained each year show (2017 results: 97.2% admitted to the best business schools and engineering post-Bac, 72% to IEP).

PGE-PGO’ success is based on personalised support for each student, exclusive methods to succeed in each subject, an intranet to track progress and rank within the promotion, teachers and a network of alumni always available.

For PGE-PGO, welcoming a student essentially means signing a contract with them that commits both parties. In the event of failure, and to the extent that the student has fully fulfilled his/her part of the contract in terms of attendance at the preparation and the tests of the competitions, PGE PGO undertakes to reimburse the costs of its preparation.

A breakdown of the programme

PGE-PGO proposes a system that allows students to prepare for the post-Bac exams (business, engineer, IEP) during a year spent abroad.


The preparation includes:

  • Initial information on the schools and their tests. This allow you to choose the exams to prepare for and clarify with the organisation to set up (the work pace, dates of the courses, etc …)
  • The support of the PGE PGO teaching team (mail and Skype) throughout the year
  • A complete intranet preparation (courses, methods, exercises, online assignments and corrections, access to copies of all students in the class, teacher contacts …)
  • One to two weeks of intensive preparation for written tests during the holidays
  • A weekend of 2 days of oral preparation in April or May


Rates and Schedule

Post-Bac Business School Competition

  • An intranet + 1 week written course + oral presentation: 1590 euros (100% refund in case of failure to 8 schools Access and Sesame)

Written exams: 1 week to choose from the following dates

  • The 28th and 29th of December + from the 2nd to 6th of January
  • From the 10th to 16th of February
  • From the 17th to 23rd of February
  • From the 24th of February to the 2nd of March
  • From the 3rd to 9th March

Oral exams: 2 days to choose from the following dates

  • The 21st and 22nd of April, 2018
  • The 28th and 29th of April, 2018
  • The 5th and 6th of May, 2018

Post-Bac Engineering School exams

  • An intranet + 1 Written course + Oral presentation: 1210 euros. (Possibility of 2 exams)

Written exam:

  • From the 17th to 22nd February, 2018
  • From the 14th to 19th April 2018


Oral exam:

  • 31st March / 1st April 2018


IEP exam

  • An intranet + 1 Written course: 1080 euros (Possibility of 2 exams)


Written exams:

  • From the 17th to 22nd of February, 2018 (dates to be confirmed according to the date of the Sciences Po Paris exam)
  • From the 14th to 19th of April 2018
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