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University of Essex (Foundation)

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Quick facts:

  • Essex: one of the best British universities
  • An English campus living experience
  • Prepare access to all UK universities

The University of Essex is one of the 50 most international universities in the world according to Times Higher Education 2015. It’s the perfect place to start your studies in the UK! Its Foundation programme offers outstanding entry requirement preparation through to the British university.

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"My biggest video/photography project has come to an end. 5 months and 15000 pictures later, this is the result. All the shots are taken on or nearby the University of Essex Colchester campus. The vid...

International Foundation: The British University Preparation Programme

The University of Essex is renowned for its interdisciplinary and innovative approach to teaching. The university has a large campus with various facilities: a large library, some rooms are open 24 hours a day, a media library, sports fields and a gym, tennis courts, many amphitheatres, a large student’s union (British equivalent of the BDE), an infirmary, a medical centre, and even a farm!

The University of Essex has 45 sports teams participating in local and national tournaments. No need to be a professional athlete to register, all levels are accepted. The campus also has its own art gallery and a theatre.

How the international foundation programme works

The International Foundation Programme (IFP) is a one-year university preparation course. Classes take place in small groups (20 students maximum) allowing a direct and personalized relationship between students and teachers.

During their studies at IFP, students improve their English and academic skills to meet the entry requirements for university in the UK. In addition, they specialise in subjects related to their future studies. The faculties represented in the IFP are: computer science and electronic engineering; business; economy; letters, humanities, social and political sciences; law; mathematics and science. Students are assessed regularly through essays, reports, exams, oral presentations, and research projects.

Considered full members of the University of Essex, IFP students have access to all the school’s facilities and services, as do local students.

This comprehensive curriculum helps students adapt not only to the UK’s education system but also to the way of life in the crown countries. The goal is to accompany students in their studies but also in their daily lives so that they can adapt smoothly.

At the end of the programme, many students pursue their undergraduate studies at the University of Essex. However, IFP is a recognized and renowned programme that allows students to enter other universities in the UK or abroad.

To apply for this programme, you must have a bachelor’s degree and have obtained a minimum score of 5.0 at IELTS. Starting dates in January and October; the curriculum costs £ 9000 for one year.

Live and Study in Colchester

The University of Essex campus is on the edge of Colchester, one of the oldest cities in the country, just an hour’s train ride from London. In Colchester, the cost of living is low, a godsend for students! This city of 180,000 is safe, while providing plenty of entertainment to students, including a vibrant nightlife. The city has many restaurants offering student prices. In addition, the campus also has many dining outlets offering vegetarian, vegan, halal and kosher options. Finally, the campus is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and the beaches are only a few kilometres away.

University of Essex guarantees a place in university residency for all students participating in the International Foundation Programme. The rooms all have a bed and an office; you can also benefit from a private bathroom. Prices vary between £ 75 and £ 132 per week depending on the type of accommodation and the residence. Rents include high-speed internet (WIFI), heating, hot water, and electricity.

On average, 80% of the International Foundation Programme’s students’ progress to a degree. Join this programme at University of Essex increase your chances for your future studies. For more information, contact a Study Experience team member.


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