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Quick facts:

Oxford Tutorial College is a school specialized in A-Level and GCSE preparation – the british equivalents to the baccalaureat and the brevet respectively. Their programmes are particularly designed for international students  hoping to join a prestigious british university.

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An Elite Gap Year

Oxford Tutorial College offers catch up lessons and A-level and GCSE training. The school is therefore an interesting blend of english students who want to boost their grades and internationals who are looking to join british universities. At OTC, around 35% of students are foreigners.

At this school, teaching is based on the student. It is a positive environment created in small classes. The dedicated and highly qualified teachers lead dozens of students to academic success every year. Thanks to this teaching excellence, students at OTC discovered their potential and effectively prepare for the demands of the best british universities. They develop critical thinking skills and exceptional work ethic.

A year of this type can be particularly productive in the following scenarios :

  • You don’t get the grades you hoped for and so can’t get into the universities that you wanted. By retaking the equivalent of the bac in England, you can set things straight.
  • You want to study at the best universities (medicine, Oxford, Cambridge…) but your english language ability is not sufficient. This type of year will allow you to acquire valuable experience for your CV and prepare for higher education.

Courses and Specialties : The A-levels

Oxford Tutorial College offers international students the opportunity to prepare for and take the A-levels. This course is for those who got a minimum of 5.5 IELTS score. During this year of study, students prepare to take the A-levels in the subjects of their choice while taking english lessons to reach the level necessary for studying in the U.K. The aim is to obtain a minimum of 6.5 – even 7.0 – on the IELTS by the end of the course, thereby fulfilling the course prerequisites. To ensure rapid progress and the best possible score, students also receive private lessons throughout the year.

The OTC team also help students to strategically choose the subjects they will take at A-Level. The wisest choice is often a combination subjects necessary for the desired field of study, and subjects for which the student has a certain affinity.

In order to allow students to unwind and take advantage of their year abroad, the school regularly organizes multiple social, cultural, and sporting activities.

Living and studying in Oxford

In terms of accommodation, needs and preferences vary from person to person. Well aware of individual differences, OTC offers a large choice of housing and strives to offer the best possible experience to all. Feeling at home, safe, and having somewhere to rest are all key elements to consider when studying abroad. The School contacts students on arrival to find the best housing option depending on their needs. All housing offered by OTC is near the campus.

Host families are often the best option for underage students who prefer a family environment that allows them to focus on their studies. These families are hand picked by OTC. In a host family, students have their own room, and breakfast and dinner are prepared for them.

The second housing option for underage students is the supervised student residence, for 15 to 17 year olds. They include single rooms and private or shared bathrooms, as well as partial catering 7 days a week. These residences also have 24/7 security.

And lastly, adult students have their own housing in which they get their own room and shared bathrooms and kitchens. They are self-catered.

If want to join a prestigious U.K university, Oxford Tutorial College is without a doubt the best springboard. For more information on A-Levels and how to sign up, get in touch with a Study Experience team member.

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