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Quick facts:

  • Prepare to join the best British universities
  • Possibility to combine English classes and academic modules
  • A unique pathway to the University of Amsterdam

The centers ONCAMPUS — located in London and Amsterdam — offer preparation programs to join some of the most prestigious European universities. These programs are directed at students wishing to pursue their studies abroad.

ONCAMPUS London Video

A foundation year to join some of the best universities

These programs are designed for International students who do no meet the undergraduate admission requirements. Since 2008, ONCAMPUS has helped 4000 students getting a place in the university of their choice. ONCAMPUS offers flexible programs of the highest quality. Moreover, these language centers are located on the campus of their partnering universities: students therefore benefit from a real university experience throughout their foundation year.


Studying in London and Amsterdam

ONCAMPUS offers two foundation year programs (pre-undergraduate and pre-masters level) in London and in Amsterdam. For both destinations, the program lasts one year, divided in three semesters. All students who validate their foundation year are guaranteed a place at university. During their year of preparation, students take English classes as well as three academic subject of their choice.


London Undergraduate Foundation Program (UFP)

The ONCAMPUS center is implanted in the University of Birkbeck, itself located in the center of London. Open to students aged 17 and over, this UFP is made up of 25 hours of weekly teachings. To complete their English classes, students choose between four specialties: Business, economics, finance and management; Engineering and sciences; Humanities, law and social sciences; Natural sciences. The program takes place from September to January or from January to August and costs £14,850.

ONCAMPUS also offers a program in partnership with the prestigious London School of Economics (LSE). Open to students specializing in mathematics and statistics, economics, international relations, or sociology, this one-year program requires a minimum IELTS score of 5.5 and costs £17,850.

Finally, ONCAMPUS offers pre-masters foundation year programs. Based on the same model as the UFP, this course can last one, two, or three semesters depending on the IELTS score of each student. A semester costs £4,950.


Amsterdam Undergraduate Foundation Program (UFP)

ONCAMPUS Amsterdam is based on the campus of the University of Amsterdam, one of the best universities in the world. The UFP is unique in the Netherlands. Once their foundation year is validated, students are guaranteed a place at the University of Amsterdam.

The University of Amsterdam is known for its excellence in economics & business, as wells as for its program in political sciences, psychology and economics (PPLE). ONCAMPUS students can specialize in one or the other of these two pathways. They take 26 hours of weekly classes and benefit from one-to-one meetings with a private tutor. This program takes place from September to June or from January to August and costs 14,550€.

Accommodation options

Regardless of the destination, ONCAMPUS students generally stay in student halls located nearby the centers. These student halls include Wi-Fi, a gym and/or fitness center, lounges, outdoor areas, laundry rooms, and 24/7 security services.

The ONCAMPUS programs are the perfect pathway to a prestigious European university. For more information on admissions, do not hesitate to reach out to a member of the Study Experience team!

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