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Concordia University School of Continuing Studies

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Quick facts:

  • Learn English in one of the best Canadian university
  • Possibility to combine language classes and academic modules
  • Montreal: a multicultural and welcoming city

The Concordia University of Continued Education in Montreal is a goldmine for those wishing to earn a degree or additional skills in a specific domain, while taking English classes on the side.

Learn English for Study, Work, Life! Montreal Canada Concordia University
Study English as a second language (ESL) in our internationally recognized Intensive English Language Program. Montreal Canada is one of the best destinations in t...

English classes and continued education

Concordia Universiy is an English-Speaking institution based in Montreal, Canada, where the official language is French. Students therefore evolve in a multicultural and bilingual environment. The Continuing Education Center (CFC) welcomes hundreds of local and international adult students.

The classrooms are modern and spacious and the center has state-of-the-art computer labs. The teaching staff is highly qualified and implements a variety of teaching methods to allow students to acquire skills adapted to the reality of their professional sector.


Courses and specialty subjects

Study Experience has developed a unique program in partnership with CFC: a blend of English classes and academic modules.

The Intensive English Language Program is adapted to all needs: whether it is learning English to pursue a degree, to get a job or a promotion, to prepare for a move or simply to contribute to one’s own personal development. Classes are student-centered and designed for an adult audience.

Students take part in various activities such as discussions, oral presentations and debates. They also work on their listening skills through video and audio-based exercises. They are trained to read, understand and analyze academic and non-academic texts; to write reports, essays and other texts. A program of extra-curricular activities gives them an opportunity to practice English outside the classroom and to discover Canada. The Intensive English Language Program costs 3995 CAD for nine weeks of classes.

Thanks to this partnership initiated by Study Experience, students also have access to Academic modules in various domains. They are often in contact with local companies and employers. In total, CFC has seven departments: business and administration; communication and public relations; IT; languages; photography and digital arts; personal development; and a summer school of aerospace engineering!


Life and Studies in Montreal

The CFC at Concordia University is located in the heart of Montreal, just a few steps away from major transport links. Montreal is the largest French-speaking city after Paris. It is a lively cosmopolite metropolis with a low criminality rate.

Some student halls at Concordia University are open in the summer to welcome CFC students. These residences are located in downtown Montreal. Several types of rooms are available: individual rooms, shared rooms, with en-suite or shared bathroom. Accommodation is 640 CAD on average per month.

Thanks to the Study Experience and CFC partnership you will be able to combine intensive English classes with a training in your choice of professional sector. For more information about admissions and dates, contact a member of the Study Experience team.

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