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Chichester College

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Quick facts:

  • The most affordable foundation programme in the U.K
  • A well equipped campus
  • Study english alongside british students

Located in Chichester, in the south of England,  Chichester College  is the ideal school for students of all backgrounds who want to spend a year abroad in a quality, affordable college.

Welcome to Chichester College

Chichester College welcomes everyone: whether you want to study A-levels, take a diploma, get an NVQ, be an apprentice, gain professional qualifications or want training to improve your skills.

Chichester College in a nutshell

Chichester College is less than two hours from London and just 50 minutes from Gatwick airport. Located near the british coast, this school opened in 1964 and has a fantastic location. In 2014, Chichester College received a distinction from Ofsted (the Office for standards in higher education). And despite this badge of merit, Chichester still offers hgely competitive prices ; a year’s tuition costs only £3800.

Chichester is a historic town with an easy going lifestyle and non-existent crime. The main campus gives way to a large parc where students like to picnic ;the city center, its cathderal and its attraction are less than a kilometre away.

The Study year Abroad

The Study Year Abroad programme is perfect for learning english while experiencing a year of study in an authentic british college. Students choose an academic or vocational subject to complete their 10 to 15 weekly hours of english lessons.

Students can join for 1,2 or 3 semestres, which represents 13,26 and 34 weeks respectively.

The available subjects are:

  • Health social
  • Advanced maths
  • Psychology
  • Computer science
  • Art & Design
  • Theatre
  • Business & Economics
  • Biology & Chemistry
  • Tourism
  • Engineering
  • Music

These classes mix international students with brits. The Study Year Abroad programme also involves many extracurricular activities and trips :the opportunity to meet local and international students.

For the english lessons, students are sorted by ability, into classes of maximum 16 people ; small class sizes make for rapid and visible progress. These classes prepare students for the Cambridge english exam as well as the IELTS ; internationally recognized, they are real assets for any CV. At Chichester College, 83 to 85% of students on the Study Year Abroad programme get an A or a B on the Cambridge Exams.


To make the most of the study abroad experience, we recommend going for university residences : it’s the best way to meet students from around the world.

The Westgate student residence has a capacity of 160 students and offers both catered and self-catered flats. All rooms are private and have their own bathroom ; including rooms for disabled students. Each flat consists of 6 bedrooms that share a kitchen. The residence also offers multiple common rooms with tvs and a DVD player. Access to Westgate is controlled by magnetic cards and the residence is open during the holidays.

Students housed at Westgate benefit from unlimited access to the sports hall on campus, and many other installations including : shops, a cafetaria, a library, a spa, a computer lab, and tennis courts. An ideal setting to study in. A room at Westgate costs between £125 and £132 per week.

During their study year abroad, students can also live with a family. They can choose to stay with a smoking or non smoking family and half catered or self-catered. Staying with a family costs £120 to £140 per week.

Studying at Chichester college allows students to meet local and international students and improve their english at the same time.

This year abroad is a big CV boost and an unforgettable experience !

For more information on Chichester College and studying in the U.K, get in touch with a Study Experience advisor !

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