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Oxford Brookes University (Foundation Year)

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Quick facts:

Taking a foundation year is one of the best ways to prepare for a degree in the U.K. Oxford Brookes has an excellent reputation and the preparation course has a 100% satisfaction rate. Its the ideal choice for a guaranteed passage to a degree programme, and a unique experience in the best student city.

Foundation and pre-master's students speak about their courses

Students from around the world describe the benefits of taking a foundation or pre-master's course at Oxford Brookes University before their degree. Visit our webpages:

International Foundation : preparation programme for british universities

Oxford Brookes University (or OBU) was born in 1865 under the name « Oxford School of Art ». As time passed, the school broadened its course range and today they offer over 300 undegraduate degrees, masters, and doctorates. The school got its definitive name in 1992, as a tribute to John Brookes, a local artist and philanthropist, and chancellor for many years. These days, Oxford Brookes is one of the best universities in the U.K, with a modern campus and over 18 000 students, around 20% of which are internationals.

Thanks to the preparation programme, students can join one of the 65 degree programmes available at Oxford Brookes. They are spread among thirteen faculties : Business and management ; Biology, environmental and health sciences ; Art ; Computer Science, Media and Sound technology ; Education Science ; Event management and hospitality ; Human sciences ; Languages ; Law ; Communication ; Real Estate and Planning ; Social Science ; and Sport Science and nutrition.


The programme in detail

The International Foundation Course (IFC) is a one year university preparation course. Class sizes are small (20 students max) allowing a direct and personal relationship with the teaching staff. The staff are industry professionals and recognised academics who actively contribute to the design of the courses.

During the course of their studies at the IFC, students improve their english language and their academic skills to fulfill the requirements for entry into a degree programme. They can also specialize in subjects relevant to their future studies. This preparation year is largely integrated with a qualification-awarding course and guarantees automatic entry to the degree chosen by the student.

The available subjects at Oxford Brookes as part of the IFC are the following : management, marketing, accounting, computer science, law, political science, psychology and social science, human scince, media and communication.

As well as getting used to the methodologies used in universities, students have the opportunity to adapt to the university campus, which is not always an easy task ! Once their degree starts, these students will have long found their bearings. They will therefore have less stress and will be able to focus on their studies.

To join the programme, the minimum IELTS score is 4.5 and the cost is approximately £9000. Students who didn’t get the requisite IELTS score have access to another preparation course that lasts 7 to 11 weeks. While the programme only grants access to courses at Oxford Brookes, they give students all the tools required to succeed in those courses.


Living and studying in Oxford

The university has several campuses in and around Oxford : Headington, Wheatley and Harcourt Hill. Oxford Brookes actually has a free shuttle service for students who wish to move from one campus to another. The Headington campus has an excellent reputation in England, and was recently renovated to the tune of 150 million pounds ! As a consequence most students are based on this campus. Considered as Oxford Brookes students in their own right, IFC students have access to all the infrastructure and services the university offers, just like local students.


According to an independent report, 100% of international students who took a preparation course at Oxford Brookes said they were « satisfied » or « very satisfied » with their experience. So don’t wait to get involved, get in touch with a Study Experience advisor !

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