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Foundation Year

Whilst a great many students wish to study abroad, it is sometimes necessary to start with a preparation year, also known as « Foundation Year », in order to have more success later on.

What is a Foundation Year ?

A preparation year allows to combine language lessons with academics classes. Despite the fact that these programmes are geared towards foreign students, some allow students to attend the academic classes in total immersion amongst local students. This is the case at Griffith College Dublin, or at Chichester College. Whether you are looking to get your english up to speed, to have a year to think, to catch up academically or even preparing to enter a top university, foundation programmes are a real asset. Often ignored, or even looked down upon, their value is nonetheless undeniable ! You will find some foundation programmes with our Language partners, but your best bet is to get in touch with one of our advisors to get further information.


Who is the Foundation Year for ?

Typically, these programmes are made for people who fall into the following categories :


  • You wish to pursue your studies at Bachelor or Masters level, but your language skills don’t allow you to. In this case, a preparation year will allow you to strengthen your language skills in order to join a university curriculum later.
  • You are still not sure what direction to take after the Bac. A preparation year is also the opportunity to try your hand at different subjects while meeting new people and gaining new perspectives. It’s a year you can spend thinking without standing still : you will learn new skills and improve your language competency, and all that while refining your academic future.
  • You are still too young to start a university curriculum. Getting your Bac at 16 or 17 is awesome, unfortunately many universities don’t accept students who are not adults. A preparation year allows you to catch up, but not only that : you will learn about student life and gain autonomy – a sure way to start your studies on the right foot
  • You didn’t get the expected grade at the Baccalaureat. This scenario isn’t rare and often causes disappointment, but it’s also an opportunity to work on certain things in a different context. You can therefore attend classes in languages but also in subjects that interest you, with the objective of filing a new application the next year.

Foundation Year : Hero or Zero ?

This year is not useless or a waste of time… Universities have actually proved it : a foreign student with a good foundation year under his belt will have more success during his studies than similar students who didn’t do a foundation year. Which makes sense, it’s an academic year that gently introduces you to the local education system.

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