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English & Internship

Some students have multiple reasons for taking a Gap Year. Becoming bilingual is often the main reason, but it can be beneficial to combine linguistic learning with other things. As a result, we offer several programmes that allow you to combine language lessons and professional experience.

Diplomas are a great thing, but professional experience is just as important in order to find your dream job. Professional internships have become an integral part of business school programmes amongst others, but an internship in a foreign country is not easy to get. And that is where we come in.

Study Experience offers you two quality programmes, in Canada (Toronto & Vancouver) and in the UK (London).

Study and Internship in London

In the british capital, Study Experience offers you a full year, divided into two parts. In the first half, you will attend english classes at the « Language gallery » school in central London.

This school dispenses english lessons in small groups, with native teachers. Students are sorted by ability and you will therefore be able to improve your English whatever your current ability. Your objective at the end of this semester is to get to level B2 or C1, which is equivalent to a grade of 6.5 on the IELTS. As a matter of fact, you can obtain a diploma at the end of this semester should you so desire, in order to prove your english ability to future employers.

During this first semester, you will also look for an internship. The good news is that the school takes care of it : they will solicit companies to find an internship that matches your abilities and expectations. This does not, however, absolve you from drawing up a CV (which the school will help you with), or from attending interviews (which, again, the school will help you prepare).

After the first semester, you will therefore be doing an internship, on the condition that you attained the required proficiency in english. We offer internships in many different areas (marketing, HR, judicial, tourism, administration, advertising, IT…). The internship will last a maximum of 6 months and will suit your level of study.  Being a mere coffee provider is out of the question, employers are commited to training you in accordance with your professional objectives.


Study and Internship in Canada

In Canada, Study Experience can offer you the « Service Excellence for Business » programme run by the ILAC language school.

This unique programme allows you to spend a year in Canada and to combine english lessons, business classes and a paid internship !


This programme is quite selective, it is therefore necessary to put together an application (transcripts, personal statement, interview), but it is worth it ! Once you start the programme, you will have access to language resources to help you perfect your english. You will also have business lessons, delivered by members of the industry. For example, you will learn about Porsches national directors marketing approach, or customer relations as perceived by American Express. This curriculum puts a lot of emphasis on customer service, and with that in mind, the teaching (and the internship after it) are focused on hospitality, the restaurant business and tourism. The aim is to train you to a high level in customer service and expose you to the canadian cultural context.

At the end of this 24 week training phase, you will join a company to pursue a paid internship for an additional 24 weeks. These internships are generally in the hotel or restaurant industries. The reasons for this are multiple :

1/ It’s environment that favours interactions with customers, and you will « forced » to practice you english in a professional context.

2 /they are industries that offer paid internships. Of course you may request to do an internship in another industry, but it probably won’t involve compensation.

This programme is designed for all students, no matter their field of study. It is preferable to have at least two years of post-bac study beforehand, but the specialty doesn’t matter. Even if you are on course to becoming an engineer, financeer or a lawyer, an internship of this kind will allow you to achieve a higher level of english than you would in a classroom.

For any additional infortmation, please contact one of  our advisors. We can give you information on fees, entry requirements and dates !


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