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Academic Gap Year

An academic Gap Year involves spending a whole year on a university campus and engaging in a mixture of language lessons and academic classes in a given field.

One year, many objectives

Study Experience is the first french agency to offer a catalogue of these types of programmes, and they are increasingly popular with students of any age. They can address many different objectives, including :

  • A means of improving your english in immersion
  • A year to take some time to reflect on your professional path
  • A structured Gap Year that allows you to maintain academic momentum
  • More affordable than the average university programme

Tailored programmes, exclusively with Study Experience

We are able to offer you tailored solutions in every country that we represent. At Chichester College in the UK, for post-secondary students for example. Or at the university of Canterbury (New-Zealand) for nature-lovers and those interested in business. There are many opportunites and our advisors are trained to help you find the right programme.

Here is a sample of the destinations we offer – this list is non-exhaustive so get in touch with one of our advisors for more information !

A small sample of available academic Gap Years

Chichester college (UK) : a college that offers a year combining english lessons with academic classes (Terminale level) in the field of your choice (Business, Maths, Pyshics, History, Geography, Tourism, Psychology etc…). Students study live and study on campus on the south coast of England, less than 2 hours from London by train.

Griffith college Dublin (Ireland) : a year on a university campus, divided into two periods. The first semestre will involve working on your english with intensive classes in small groups. If your english level allows it, you will then attend academic classes in the second semestre, in the field of your choice : (business, law, design, tourism…). These classes take place alongside local students.

YMCA Montreal (Canada) : a tailor built year that allows you to spend one semestre in a language school, followed by an academic semestre in a local college.

Macquarie University (Australia) : another prestigious university that offers you the opportunity to study whatever you want for a semestre or a whole year. Hundreds of modules are available at all levels of study, and for those who need a little help in english, you can join their language school (on the university campus) after the fact. The fees are currently the best on the market – an amazing opportnity in one of the most beautiful cities in the world (Sydney).

These programmes are but a sample of what we have to offer. We are also able to offer you a unique, tailor made curriculum, that takes into account your level, your objectives, your budget etc…

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