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Lesia Zubenok

Passionate about foreign languages and cultures, Lesia studied linguistics and science of education in Russia, Sweden and France. After a couple of years devoted to research and teaching, Lesia decided to explore the sector of international student mobility. Today, Lesia is doing the second year of a Master’s degree in Educational Tourisme at the University of Caen Normandy. At the moment, she is doing an internship with Study Experience in order to gain work experience and to develop skills in communication and student advising.
“Originally from a small Russia town near the Arctic Circle, I have always dreamt of discovering new places and cultures. My studies abroad completely changed my vision of the world, allowed me to spend unforgettable moments and to grow personally. Going abroad is a source of enrichment and personal transformation that allows one to push their limits and to get to know themselves better, as well as to improve their language and cross-cultural skills while meeting nice people from all over the world”. 
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