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François Saiz

Following completion of degrees in engineering and business at UPF Tahiti, Francois turned to international studies early through the Erasmus exchange in 1987 and became the Director of International Relations for ENI Tarbes. During his time, Francois has helped over 1,000 French and foreign students participate in fruitful exchanges with a network of universities across a variety of continents.

At UNIT, Francois helped create a student exchange program for engineers in France, the European Project Semester. Through the program, students conduct research projects and multicultural training.

As the Regional Advisor for Polynesia since January, 2016, Francois aims to help French students in the Southern Pacific discover internship and study opportunities around the world while experiencing new cultures and points of view.

“To live is to look beyond the horizon, to look for what’s behind the hill, to venture off the beaten track to better understand the world of men and better know yourself.”

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