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Educational Guidance Counselling

Study Experience is primarily a consulting firm for studying abroad. This means that our expertise lie in identifying the best education systems and the best schools depending on their certain projects of studies.


However, many of you are approach us without knowing exactly what you want to study. For this reason, we decided to partner with Charlotte Chabert, a consultant in vocational school guidance.


For many years Charlotte has been offering individual coaching, which enables students to ask themselves the right questions. It is through the better understanding of their talents, their values, and their deep aspirations; that students can identify a field of study adapted to their personality and skills.

Setting aside the default choices, the prospective student are invited to find their way among the options that suit them and therefore can envisage their future with confidence, enthusiasm and determination. During this process they can reflect on their strengths, which may have been put aside over time.

Nietzsche’s famous phrase « become who you are » is the guiding principal of this approach, in which, the various possible professions and courses of study are presented and explained resulting in a final conscious decision.


The Bachelor degree path

You are in first year or final year and, whether you want to study abroad or not, the choice of a Bachelor’s degree should be adapted to your tastes, your personality but also to your skills, your school record and of course a carrier in the future! In essence, making these decisions is nerve-racking, not only for the students, but also for their parents!

After a Bachelor’s degree

You are in BTS or DUT or a 3rd year Bachelor’s student and you are already asking yourself about your future. There are many options available to you but first of all it is crucial to know in which field you wish to progress and specialise.

A re-orientation?

Your first choice of orientation does not suit you and you need to bounce back positively in a new direction. The possibilities of reorientation are ample, but it is essential to take the time to reflect and identify the course of study is genuinely suited to you.

For more information on this orientation, do not hesitate to browse the various sections of this section of the website and to contact us!






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