Our Services


Step 1 - First meeting with your Study Experience Counsellor

In your first meeting (in our offices or by phone), you will discuss your study abroad project, your goals, your ideas and preferences. Our counsellors will help you shed light on your options and will evaluate whether or not your project is realistic.

Step 2 - Choose your destination and sign-up to our services

You need to sign-up to our services to be able to benefit from all our advantages. In order to do this, you simply need to fill out our enquiry form and attach payment corresponding to the chosen service. Our team will then be able to help you set your education project up.

Step 3 - Preparation of your academic files

Our counsellors will gather all the required documents, making sure that nothing is missing and that the application file is up to standard. Thanks to Study Experience, you will benefit from lower prices on certified translations and English language preparation.

Step 4 - Applications are sent to the chosen institutions

Once everything has been carefully verified, we will send your applications to the institutions and will make sure they are followed up. We will keep you informed of how things go !

Step 5 - Confirming your place at university

Once you’ve been accepted by an institution, we will guide you through the confirmation procedure. If you need a visa, we can help you with that too !

Step 6 - Departure

Once your enrolement is finalised, we can assist you with pre-departure. This means finding flights, accommodation, a visa, insurance… Your counsellor will remain in touch with you to make sure everything is running smoothly !

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