How to find internship abroad?



Throughout your studies, many of you may have the opportunity to do one or several professional work placements. Generally speaking, you will have the option of doing this internship abroad. Aware of how complicated it can be to find a quality placement abroad, Study Experience offers you the help of one of its closest partners!


Aquarius is an agency that specialises in finding internships for students, both within France and abroad. Lauched in 2001, Aquarius is France's leading agency for programmes abroad involving work experience or volonteering. "Our mission is to contribute to the student's training, by opening his mind via a quality experience in a foreign country. We help students prepare their project and accompany them throughout the entire process, before and during their time abroad."


STUDY EXPERIENCE SPECIAL OFFER: Receive a discount of 10% on the cost of your programme by mentionning Study Experience when you sign up to the services provided by Aquarius.

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An internship abroad, is a cost effective way to work on your language skills, all the while gaining precious work experience and discovering a new country. You can find work in any area and at any level of study (providing you are at least 18 years old).


Aquarius offers work placements in a variety of different countries, including France, Canada, Australia, UK, China, Spain, USA, Ireland and New-Zealand. Aquarius will help you find the perfect internship and will prepare you for your interviews. You will be asked to give as much detail as possible, in order to find a placement that really suits you goals and needs. Your past experience and your academic level will naturally be taken into account. We will then ensure that the content of your internship corresponds to the criteria set out by yourself and your school, so that your placement may be recognised within the context of your studies. On-site, a local counsellor will meet you upon arrival and will follow you throughout the experience - you will be able to contact him should you have any concerns and he will make sure everything goes smoothly.


Your internship is 100% guaranteed, both in terms of quality and placement. You will thus be able to bring added value to you CV, without taking the risk of serving coffee for six months !