High Schools Abroad

Having the opportunity to study in a foreigh high school is a unique opportunity for any young adult. It's a way to experience real immersion in a different culture, by living with a local family and attending school with local students. There are few better ways to learn and master the English language. 

High school


Such can experience can however seem like a huge undertaking and we understand that there will be anxieties involved. This is why we would like to assure you that we will accompany you and your child through the entire procedure, making sure that the preparation goes smoothly and that everything is fine once the student arrives in his new school. Our prime concern is to make sure the experience is beneficial to all involved and the student's safety is our top priority. In order to guarantee this service, Study Experience has chosen to work with the industry's best associations, who specialise in high school placement for under-age teenagers. 

BENEFITS for the student?

  • Learn the English language in its context
  • Develop your capacity to adapt to a new environment
  • An enriching experience which will help you gain maturity
  • Expose yourself to an international culture and discover another country

GUARANTEES for the parents!

  • An experienced team will follow your child on-site
  • Accommodation is with a host family, all of whom have been rigourously selected
  • No more than one French speaker per family