Our mission and values

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Study Experience is a counselling organisation specialized in higher education abroad. Our mission is to promote education abroad and to help students fulfill their study projects. Our counsellors have all studied abroad and have been trained to help you make the best choice. Their role is to coach you through the entire process, from initial orientation, to the application and enrolment procedures within the universities that you have selected. 

Many students dream of studying abroad, however such a project can seem intimidating at first. Which university should you choose? How can you understand the local education system? Will your degree be recognised back at home? How should you prepare your application? What are the expectations? The deadlines? The entry exams? All these questions accumulate and can turn the application process into an administrative nightmare! Our agency was founded in 2010 in order to make things easier for you. Our counsellors will assist you personally every step of the way, thus enabling you to start your new project stress free, knowing that you will be joining the university that best suits your profile and needs!

Studying abroad : a real investment for your future

More and more companies are opening up to foreign markets and students with an international background have become prime candidates for the top jobs. Understanding and speaking several languages is a fantastic asset on today's job market and employers are actively seeking original candidates, who have experienced different cultural environments and who know how to work independently and take initiatives. Studying abroad is a great investment in your professional future, but also for your own personal fulfilment. You'll see the world in a completely different light once you've experience new cultures!

However a project such as this cannot be improvised and it is crucially important not to make the wrong choice - this is why Study Experience is here to help you! Consider us as your academic counsellors for education abroad. 


A degree recognised in your home country and around the world

Study Experience is also a quality label and a guarantee that you will pursue studies in a quality institution that confers degrees recognised around the world. When we recommend an insitution we are wary of a number of things, here are a few examples : 

  • Recognition of the awarding body by the local ministry of education and abroad. 
  • Student satisfaction rates. 
  • Student employment rates, within six months on degree completion. 
  • Ratio étudiants-professeurs et qualité du personnel enseignant
  • Teacher-Student ratios
  • Course prices
  • Quality of the campus and facilities
  • Location and quality of life

Let our team of experts guide you and embark on your study abroad project stress free - certain that you will obtain a recognise degree and experience a fantastic new academic experience!